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Golden Gate Basset Rescue

If those 2 don't keep you occupied for very long, go check out a wonderful group performing in the Bay Area; the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival.

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for All-New, Low-Sodium, Diet audiopanel

Not a significant source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium or Iron.

Ingredients: Months, sweat, Motif, ViewKit, TLC (a preservative), Audio
Library 2.0, caffeine, Xt, fried DEF (a preservative), Xlib, cooked funky
niblets (a preservative), math, red dye #5 (an artificial coloring),
grace (a preservative), partially hydrogenated chupacabra oil.

Tampering with audiopanel in airplane lavatories is prohibited by US
Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. Perpetrators are subject to
really really big fines and ejection from the plane.